2018 Ruggas Team Of The Year – Grey College


The question of which 1stXV team in South Africa was one of the most fiercely debated topics during the 2018 season. Both Grey College and Glenwood was unbeaten during the season with the much-anticipated match between the two powerhouses ending in a 25 all draw in Durban. Paul Roos, the last member of the Top 3's only loss was in the season-ending game against Grey College, which Grey won 28-26 in Bloemfontein with both teams without their SA Schools players.

In the end, Grey College ended number one in the South African rankings for 1stXV teams with 103.179 ranking points. Paul Roos ended 2nd and Glenwood ended at 4th. Grey College earned the most ranking points during the season for a top 50 team during the 2018 season. That more or less was the reason I voted for Grey College.