2017 Ruggas School of the Year – Stellenberg Hoërskool


The Ruggas Rugby School of the Year is to reward the school who work extremely hard not only to be the best but also to increase the participation of its pupils in rugby. Unfortunately, the "establishment" usually try to discredit the efforts of such schools as temporary and of no meaning, using sometimes absurd technicalities to prevent them from competing against the best schoolboy rugby can offer. 



A few years ago it was decided to take the necessary action to make Stellenberg a real power in schoolboy rugby and the first choice for boys in the Northern suburbs in Cape Town. To become successful all involved decided they will have to work hard at the following aspects.

(1) The number of boys playing rugby must be increased. In 2013 only ten teams were playing rugby. In 2016 16 teams played on a regular basis.

(2) Quality coaches, managers and scouting had to be ensured. The development of the coaches as person and coach received a lot of attention. Thereby ensuring that quality coaching is available to all age groups. Specialist coaching was made use of when needed. 

2012 saw the opening of the high-performance centre. Here athletes received guidance to develop in a top athlete. A database of all the athletes is kept, not only tracking performance and training schedules but also in the case of injuries the rehabilitation process.

The establishment of a culture of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle is seen as the major factor in achieving the long-term development of the athlete. A scientific approach is followed in the long-term development of each athlete to optimise their power, speed and explosiveness.  

An active scouting and recruitment drive was started to ensure that boys of surrounding primary schools see Stellenberg as their number one choice.

(3) To ensure that all teams perform and not only the 1stXV. The objective here was to play against stronger competition and at big national tournaments. 2016 saw Stellenberg taking part in the Noor/Suid and Wildeklawer tournaments. The success of all teams is reflected in the drastic increase in boys playing rugby. From 10 teams in 2013 to 16 teams in 2016.

(4) An attractive brand of rugby must be played by all the teams

(5) To cultivate a passion and pride for the school and community. This was achieved by ensuring that all pupils attending the matches wear their school uniform and sit as a school together on the pavilion. Old scholars and the community was encouraged to wear supporter's kit and a similar dress code for the players and referees. The education of spectators regarding their behaviour during matches was also attended to.